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How to Buy

Step 1

Register with us

It's free!All you have to do is full up the simple online form and click submit.

Step 2

Select your vehical

Click the 'inquiry' button from the selected stock and fill in the required information along with any addtional requests you may have.Our sales person will contact you immediately to finalise the price

Step 3


Once the price is agreed we will send an invoice to your email including all relevent details such as the vehicle information , the shipment name and address , as well as the total price of the vehicle

Step 4


Once you recevie the invoice make the payment to the bank details as provided on the invoice - this information is also on our website Please do mention the invoice number for reference of payment

Step 5


Once confirmation of payment is received your vehicle will prepared for shipment on the next immediate vessel.

Step 6


When the shipment is complete with zero due balance ,we will courier your vehicle documents to you.

Step 7

Receive vehicle

Once the vehile reaches your port, you are required tosubmit the necessary original documentsto your customs agent to clear the vehicle.