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Terms & Conditions


  • All Customer payments shall be made through Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Letter of Guarantee (L/C), Paypal, or Credit Card according to the country's prevailing regulations.
  • Customer shall state the Pro forma Invoice No. as reference for payment.
  • The proof of payment shall be emailed by the Customer to Kobe Motor Company, which would be verified and receipted on realization of funds.
  • If the deposit/payment is not paid or LC not opened within the given reservation period of five (05) workings days or as per agreed terms, the exporter reserves the right to sell the vehicle to another customer.
  • The issuing and correspondence bank charges shall be paid by the customer.


  • The estimated shipment date would take place within three (03) weeks, after confirmation of satisfactory receipt of customer payment/LC conditions.
  • Any amendment request for BL, after shipment instruction, shall incur an amount of USD50 on each such adjustment, charged to the customer.
  • On settlement of the full amount, the original shipping documents for customs clearance purpose shall be couriered/surrendered to the customer.
  • Customer should settle timeously, and customer shall not hold Kobe Motor Company responsible for any delay, arising from the payment delays, nor for any penalties incurred therewith.
  • Should there be any delay of payment or opening of LC or shipment confirmation on the part of customer, additional yard fees would be charged to the customer at JPY350/ per day, and translated to USD at the prevailing rate.
  • Full Payments to be made 10 days before arrival of ship. If the full payment is not made 10 days prior to arrival of shipin the designated port, the supplier reserves the right to change consignee to their local agent without prior consent and will charge a penalty to the original consignee.
  • In the case where a customer cancels a vehicle or a consignee change as mentioned in No. 11 of the Terms & Conditions, all import permits are to be cancelled or transferred to the new consignee. Any documents should be returned to the supplier or given to the new consignee at the original consignee’s expense.

Letter of Credit (LC) Conditions

We are unable to accept LCs which do not meet our requirements as stated below.

  • Form of Documentary Credit - Irrevocable.
  • Drafts at : Sight
  • Transhipment/Partial Shipment - Allowed.
  • Port of Loading - Any Port in Japan.
  • Discrepancy on description of goods for misspelling or typing error that does not affect the meaning of a word or the sentence in which it occurs acceptable, except for the Chassis No. and Year/Month of first registration.
  • LC number will not be mentioned on Original Certificate of Cancelled Registration, translation of Original Certificate of Cancelled Registration and Inspection Certificate.
  • All documents shall be in language of English, except the Original Certificate of Cancelled Registration.
  • All Bank charges including reimbursement Bank's charges outside of Japan are on Applicant's account.
  • Period of presentation : 60 days from LC Issue Date LC Validity : 90 days from LC Issue Date.
  • Please advise the LC through : MUFG BANK, LTD. BIC: BOTKJPJT.